Friday, November 17, 2017

Roy Moore fights his inner demons

Roy Moore fights his inner demons. It's not pretty. Matt Bai writes, "...if you’re running for a Senate seat that Republicans absolutely have to have, and if you’re easily the best chance they have to retain that seat, and if, despite all this, the same Republican leaders who have steadfastly stood by Donald Trump for the last year, even as they privately (and sometimes publicly) worried that he might destroy the country and accidentally annihilate the world, are bailing on you so fast and so frantically that they’re actually talking about refusing to seat you if you win, then let’s just put it this way: You’ve got to be one bad hombre."

I choose to disagree. Regardless of the truth or lack thereof regarding the accusations against Roy Moore, I believe that the Republican establishment does not want and has never wanted hide nor hair of Roy Moore -- because he is a loose cannon they don't know how to handle.

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