Sunday, April 06, 2014

News from Sandy Valley: More sick wives

The monthly conference of the body of Christ at Sandy Valley was rather short and sweet last meeting, but there was one item of interest. Sure, the acknowledgements always peak our interest! Elder Poden Tate, a fine preacher among them, was called on the wood floor (for they have no carpet). The rule for conference is: "Adult male members who are absent two consecutive conferences must answer to the congregation the grounds for their absence."

Elder Tate was a faithful member and staunch minister. His absence for two such occasions was strikingly strange. Surely he would have valid grounds, or so the body thought. He rose to his feet, twirling his hat nervously in his hands, and humbly related the cause being a sick wife. The congregation could have been no more satisfied -- all except Poden's brother, "Speck". Deacon Spencer "Speck" Tate had already outlived three wives thus far and was now united to his fourth. Speck was unimpressed with Poden's excuse, proudly noting, "I've had more sick wives than you, sir!"

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