Sunday, April 27, 2014

Alcohol links

For better or worse, some things you can read online about the Bible and alcohol, from prohibition, abstinence, and moderation viewpoints. The posting of links does not constitute an endorsement of the sites linked, and not necessarily even agreement with the specific posts linked.

* Alcohol and the Bible -- "Obviously this new assertion that alcohol was evil and that consuming it was sinful faced a major problem: Jesus, himself, had used wine and had approved of its moderate consumption. Thus, the 'two-wine' doctrine was formulated to deal with these otherwise inconsistent facts."
* Alcohol Abstinence: Bias or Biblical? -- "The course of my current understanding of the Bible and alcohol looks more like a roller coaster than a NASCAR event."
* Alcohol – What the Bible Really Says -- "Many religious people believe that God has forbidden any use of alcoholic beverages — that any use of alcohol is wrong and sinful."
* Christians and Alcohol -- "This will be an issue that will forever be debated among Christians."
* Christians and Alcohol: An Abstinent View -- "To discover what the Scripture actually says on the matter cannot be ascertained in a cursory approach. One has to dig, really dig."
* Does Scripture Permit Us to Drink Alcoholic Beverages? -- "Few issues have generated more heated debate among Christians than that of the morality of alcohol consumption."
* God's Word from the Scriptures versus Man's Doctrine on the issue of Alcohol -- "There are many scripture verse warnings dealing with the dangers of alcohol and the excessive drinking of liquor."
* Is it okay for Christians to drink alcohol? -- "It is not a sin to have a drink.  But, in saying this, we have to be careful not to encourage the misuse of alcohol upon ourselves or by using it to cause others to stumble."
* The Bible and Alcohol -- "I think the best balance on this issue can be see in Luke 7:33-34: John the Baptist abstained from drinking wine; Jesus did not abstain. Both respected one another and both recognized that their individual lifestyles were not universal principles."
* The Bible and Alcohol: Moderation or Abstinence? -- "Since the repeal of Prohibition in 1933 most evangelical churches have gradually abandoned their stand for total abstinence, adopting instead a moderationist position toward alcohol use."

"Often, non-moderationist argumentation inadvertently and negatively affects certain aspects of the Christian faith. It can undercut the authority of Scripture (in that any universal condemnation of what Scripture allows diminishes the authority of Scripture in Christian thought). It may distort the doctrine of Christ (in that any universal censure of something Jesus did detracts from His holiness). It adversely affects our apologetic (in that any denunciation of that which Scripture allows sets forth an inconsistent Biblical witness)." -- Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

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