Saturday, April 12, 2014

Angry birds

I have heard talk about a game called "Angry Birds". I don't know anything about it, but it must be about some birds who are angry. The world seems to be filling up with people who are "angry birds" -- they screech in hatred and peck with viciousness in order to get their way (or if they don't get their way). Many would be quick to point out the recently deceased Fred Phelps as one such example. And they would be right. But the affliction affects all sides. Here are two recent "angry bird" incidents.

Chili's and autism
* Chili's Cancels Autism Awareness Fundraiser After Pro-Vaccine Pressure -- “Autism exists whether or not we can all agree on a cause, and to take money away from an organization helping these children and their families is selfish and cruel.”

Brendan Eich and Mozilla
* Mozilla's Gay-Marriage Litmus Test Violates Liberal Values
"Disinclined to stop at personal persuasion, they waged a pressure campaign that could be summed up as 'change your mind, or else.'"
"The forced resignation of Brendan Eich will have a chilling effect on political discourse...Calls for his ouster were premised on the notion that all support for Proposition 8 was hateful, and that a CEO should be judged not just by his or her conduct in the professional realm, but also by political causes he or she supports as a private citizen."

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