Monday, April 28, 2014

Which J. M. Phillips??

Phillips, J. M. This composer remains unidentified. Two possibilities are: (1) Elder James Monroe "Jim" Phillips. He was born in St. Clair County, Alabama, April 16, 1883, the son of John Phillips and Martha Ann Hill. He married Susie Jordan Green. Phillips died June 3, 1975. He and his wife are buried at the Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Taits Gap, Blount County, Alabama. He was known to be a Sacred Harp singer, but not known to be a songwriter. He was the father of singer Virgil Phillips, and brother of George Donahoo Phillips, who wrote the words of Phillips Farewell in 1962 (No. 549, 1991 Edition of The Sacred Harp). He was a brother to the grandfather of William L. Green (q.v.). Jim Phillips was a farmer and a Primitive Baptist preacher. (2) James Monroe Phillips of Dale County, Alabama (1866—1933). He was the son of Isham James Lunsford Phillips and Annie D Bush. He married Ada Matilda Helms (1867—1958) circa 1884. They are buried at the Salem Baptist Church Cemetery, Dykes Crossroad, Dale County, Alabama. He lived in the area where many composers represented in the Cooper book live, as well as having the right initials and living in the right time period. But his relationship to Sacred Harp or status as a composer is unknown.

565       Marching to That Home

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