Friday, December 31, 2010

Dispel our sadness

Holy Ghost, dispel our sadness;
Pierce the clouds of nature's night;
Come, great Source of joy and gladness,
Breathe Your life, and spread Your light.
From the height which knows no measure,
As a gracious shower descend,
Bringing down the richest treasure
Man can wish, or God can send.

Author of the new creation,
Come with blessing and with power.
Make our hearts your habitation;
On our souls Your graces shower.
Hear, O hear our supplication,
Blessèd Spirit, God of peace!
Rest upon this congregation,
With the fullness of Your grace.

Johann Cruger
Praxis Pietatis Melica, 1648.
translated by August Montague Toplady (author of "Rock of Ages")


Anonymous said...

Sadness will ultimately lose its presence upon man, when it vanishes into the past.

But our sadness should not be lamented, albeit if it makes the body to tremble, and the mind to lapse. Just as the dew shall give way to a bright Spring afternoon, the sadness of man will turn to gold at the end of the rainbow.

The work of sadness ordained of God, can penetrate the soul of man and allow his inner workings to be touched and renewed. Should we not rather have sadness than anger?

Mark said...

This is off the subject but do you know where I can get a copy of J.R. Graves' book,The Work of Christ In Seven Dispensations? The ABA bookstore does not carry it.

R. L. Vaughn said...

I did not realize the ABA Baptist Sunday School Committee (or Bogard Press or however) had stopped printing this book.

There are some used ones at Amazon, but they are quite expensive.

Also, try searching for it at these places:
Baptist Book World
Baptist Standard Bearer
Challenge Press

Don't forget eBay. Sometimes you can find something good there, sometimes not. I'll be interested to hear whether or not you find anything. Hope this helps.

R. L. Vaughn said...

Eight years too late! But it looks like an electronic version of Graves's book can be found HERE.