Saturday, December 25, 2010

Praise for the incarnation

Praise for the incarnation.

Sweeter sounds than music knows
Charm me, in EMMANUEL'S name;
All her hopes my spirit owes
To his birth, and cross, and shame.

When he came the angels sang
"Glory be to GOD on high,"
Lord, unloose my stamm'ring tongue,
Who should louder sing than I.

Did the Lord a man become
That he might the law fulfill,
Bleed and suffer in my room,
And canst thou, my tongue, be still?

No, I must my praises bring,
Though they worthless are, and weak;
For should I refuse to sing
Sure the very stones would speak.

O my Savior, Shield, and Sun,
Shepherd, Brother, Husband, Friend,
Every precious name in one;
I will love thee without end.

John Newton (1725-1807)
Olney Hymns, 1779

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Anonymous said...

The most elaborate composition that man shall dare to undertake, will in no wise do justice to the song our Lord has made for us.

For His song is made manifest when we walk through the garden of life He created before time was known. His sounds are heard above the rumblings of the mightiest storm that may be sent our way. For the Song of the Lamb shall always be of perfect sound, and more enduring than the most ancient of melodies. For what can we utter from our mouths,or attempt to scribble with pen in hand, that can touch the heart, and quicken the soul? A song may be happy or sad. It may also be of a soft refrain, or a mighty warble. But His song is able to make even the fowl of the air to be drawn unto it, and be calmed. May we be forever listening for that one and only refrain that our Lord brings when no other melody can be heard.