Friday, December 03, 2010

Jesus lived and loved

William Gadsby, # 584 7s.

Jesus lived, and loved, and died,
Rose, and lives to intercede;
And with Zion on His breast,
He has said He’ll ever rest.

Long before this world was made,
Or that monster, Sin, appeared,
God was love, and loved the men
He ordained and then redeemed.

Love constrained the Lamb to die,
For a wretch so vile as I;
Love, immensely great and free,
Christ has shown to worthless me.

Once I rolled in guilt and sin,
Heeded not a heart unclean;
But I now with wonder tell,
Jesus saved my soul from hell.

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Anonymous said...

What a marvelous thing for man to see the light of God through spiritual blindness. His natural sight may show him things which he believes are true. Yet, only God can give him the ability to bathe in things of righteousness, after removing the shades of doubt which covered his eyes.