Saturday, December 18, 2010

The chalice or the basin

"I protest that I have no choice whether to be the chalice or the basin. Fain would I be whichever the Lord wills so long as He will but use me...So you, my brother, you may be the cup, and I will be the basin; but let the cup be a cup, and the basin a basin, and each one of us just what he is fitted to be. Be yourself, dear brother, for, if you are not yourself, you cannot be anybody else; and so, you see, you must be nobody...Do not be a mere copyist, a borrower, a spoiler of other men's notes. Say what God has said to you, and say it in your own way; and when it is so said, plead personally for the Lord's blessing upon it" -- (Charles H. Spurgeon, An All Round Ministry, pp. 73-74)

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Anonymous said...

A man must be what the Lord hath fashioned him to be. The cup may take on different shapes and sizes according to the creature. There are those who would prefer man to attempt to alter the cup to satisfy their own petty desires. But would this not be foolish and dishonor our lord?

The Lord knew what each individual would be before the foundation of the world. However, the cup may need cleaning and refurbishing from time to time. But we should be careful as to not attempt to reconstruct the object to where it ceases to be a cup.