Thursday, January 06, 2011

Grace o'er sin abounding

Sovereign grace o'er sin abounding,
Ransomed souls, the tidings swell;
Tis a deep that knows no sounding
Who its breadth or length can tell?
On its glories
Let my soul forever dwell.

What from Christ that soul shall sever,
Bound by everlasting bands?
One in Him, in Him forever,
Thus th' eternal cov'nant stands;
None shall pluck thee
From the Strength of Israel's hands.

Heirs of God, joint heirs with Jesus,
Long ere time its race begun;
To His name eternal praises,
O what wonders He hath done!
One with Jesus,
By eternal union one.

On such love, my soul still ponder,
Love so great, so rich and free:
Say while lost in holy wonder,
"Why, O Lord, such love to me?"
Grace shall reign eternally.

John Kent (1766-1843)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why would God love the poor wretched sinner? The flesh and bones which cannot comprehend an act so great. Because His ways are not ours. Nor could the thoughts of man ever be attuned to a new defintion of love. A definition to which he forever struggles. It is a definition which is able to carry him when his soul is engulfed in the flames of wicked corruption. Man may be eager to please God through his own love, which can weaken in the twinkling of an eye.

Let us strive for that perfect love of the Master. The love we know that shall never be reached. Yet, a striving which will make the soul to be renewed, and the sinful mind purged , if only for a season.