Thursday, November 27, 2008

Loud anthems of thanks

This following hymn has been for years a popular one verse song in our Sacred Harp book, with the tune 'Old Hundred'. Here are the rest of the verses.

O come, loud anthems let us sing,
Loud thanks to our almighty King;
For we our voices high should raise,
When our salvation's Rock we praise.

Into His presence let us haste,
To thank Him for His favors past;
To Him address, in joyful songs,
The praise that to His Name belongs.

The depths of earth are in His hand,
Her secret wealth at His command;
The strength of hills that reach the skies,
Subjected to His empire lies.

O let us to His courts repair,
And bow with adoration there;
Down on our knees, devoutly all,
Before the Lord, our Maker, fall.

From Tate and Brady's New Version of the Psalms, 1696.

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