Friday, November 14, 2008

Free Grace

1 – Ye children of God, by grace in His Son,
Redeemed by His blood, and with Him made one;
This union with wonder and rapture be seen,
Which nothing shall sunder, without or within.

2 – This pardon, this peace, which none can destroy,
This treasure of grace, this heavenly joy.
The worthless may crave it, it always comes free;
The vilest may have it, ‘twas given to me.

3- ‘Tis not for good deeds, good tempers, nor frames;
From grace it proceeds, and all is the Lamb’s;
No goodness, no fitness, expects He from us;
This I can well witness, for none could be worse.

4- Sick sinner, expect no balm but Christ’s blood;
Thine own works reject, the bad and the good;
None ever miscarry that on Him rely,
Though filthy as Mary, Manasseh, or I.

Joseph Hart, #221, Gadsby's Selection of Hymns for Public Worship.


Anonymous said...

Robert, Whose lyrics ?? If yours, good work.


R. L. Vaughn said...

Sorry, I forgot to give the attributon. Free Grace was written by the great hymn writer Joseph Hart. I have added that to the post.