Tuesday, November 04, 2008

How to vote

On this US election day we can take an issue to help understand how the national parties line up. Today's issue -- dope-smoking.

Socialist Party -- advocates public ownership of all drugs, collects all the dope, redistributes and smokes it according to government policy.
Republican Party -- bans dope-smoking while abusing prescription medication.
Prohibition Party -- do I really have to explain this one?
Libertarian Party -- wants to be left alone, whether to smoke or not smoke dope.
Green Party -- sympathizes with the dope-smoker, but is afraid the smoke will harm the environment.
Democratic Party -- develops programs for the poor to be able to smoke dope at someone else's expense.
Constitution Party -- believes the States should decide whether to smoke or not smoke dope.

Perhaps you are still undecided how to vote. I hope this helps!

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