Friday, November 28, 2008

Did God just permit Jesus to be crucified?

"Given the six appearances of this Greek word in the New Testament, there can be no Biblical basis on which to claim that divine predestination is passive, equivalent to divine omniscience, rather than in some way causative or at least controlling. The most literal meaning of the two Greek words that make up this word is “pro,” beforehand, and “orizo,” the Greek root for our English word “horizon.” With this basic concept of the word we may safely view God’s involvement in our salvation as eternal and causative. We may also view His involvement in the events surrounding the crucifixion of our Lord as prohibitive, not causative." -- From Joseph R. Holder's Word Study on Proorizo



Anonymous said...

If GOD intended to prohibit the crucifixion of Christ, Christ would not have been crucified.
Hoyt Sparks

R. L. Vaughn said...

Hoyt, just a comment on Bro. Holder's entire thought (all of which I didn't post). His idea, with which I do not agree, is that God prohibited the Pharisees, priests, Romans, etc., from doing more to Jesus than they did rather than predestinating that they do what they did.

I have some more on the subject that I hope to post in a few days, Lord willing.