Saturday, October 06, 2007

The great Redeemer lives

He lives! the great Redeemer lives!
What joy the blest assurance gives!
And now, before His Father, God,
Pleads the full merit of His blood.

Repeated crimes awake our fears,
And justice armed with frowns appears,
But in the Savior's lovely face
Sweet mercy smiles, and all is peace.

In every dark, distressful hour,
When sin and Satan join their power,
Let this dear hope repel the dart,
That Jesus bears us on His heart.

Great Advocate, almighty Friend!
On Him our humble hopes depend;
Our cause can never, never fail,
For Jesus pleads, and must prevail.

Anne Steele (1716-1778)
Poems on Subjects Chiefly Devotional, 1760.
Posted on Song To The Lamb, Sun. 23 Sep 2007

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