Monday, October 29, 2007

Enumerated Powers Act

In an op-ed piece entitled Congressional Constitutional Contempt, Walter Williams mentions a bill entitled the Enumerated Powers Act.

The Enumerated Powers Act is an interesting bill that "would require Congress to specify the source of authority under the United States Constitution for the enactment of laws, and for other purposes." Representative John Shadegg [R-AZ] has offered this each year since 1995. The current bill was introduced March 6, 2007 and has 29 cosponsors as of October 20, 2007: Todd Akin, Roscoe Bartlett, Rob Bishop, John Boozman, Dan Burton, Michael Conaway, David Davis, John Duncan, Tom Feeney, Jeff Flake, Virginia Foxx, Trent Franks, Scott Garrett, John Gingrey, Louis Gohmert, Robert Goodlatte, Dean Heller, Walter Herger, Doug Lamborn, Kenny Marchant, Thaddeus McCotter, Jeff Miller, Sue Myrick,
Ron Paul, Ted Poe, Clifford Stearns, Timothy Walberg, David Weldon, and Lynn Westmoreland.

Now we might think that Congress WOULD NOT make laws that have no constitutional authority, but we know better. This act would at least make the dishonest try to sham up some bogus constitutional ground for the unconstitutional laws they try to enact. Hopefully the American people would take note and realize the persons in Congress who have "contempt for the Constitution." Hopefully the American people care.

The full text may be found

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