Saturday, October 20, 2007


...votin' for?

My nephew sent me the following link. For fun, whether anything else, try the
Candidate Calculator to see how you line up with your preference for President of the United States (and the rest of the pack as well). *

I matched up closest to Tom Tancredo -- 84.31% match -- about whom I know nothing. My second match was Texas Representative Ron Paul (82.35%), the candidate I plan to vote for in the primary. I was glad to see that I disagree with New Yorkers Guiliani and Clinton 63% and 73% of the time, respectively! :-D

* Disclaimer -- While anyone can take this test, please check United States voting laws to see whether you can vote in the upcoming election! ;-)


clinch64 said...

I matched up closest with Duncan Hunter, whom I am not all that familiar with.

You know it seems as though presidential campaigns have now reached the point of ridiculousness. How long has the current madness been going on, and it is still over a year until election time. What have all of these debates accomplished? On top of that, television sets them up and calls the shots.

If I start thinking of contrasts between today and an earlier time, I look to the 1960 debates between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy, the first in the modern era. Regardless of what you thought of either candidate,you had to agree these were men of substance and stature. You just do not have anyone like that in the field today. It seems that now we have would-be entertainers concerned more about being on talk shows and photo opportunities.


Will Fitzgerald said...

Barack Obama is my closest match, and the person I would vote for, although Michigan has essentially thrown away its chance to influence the Democratic race.

Will you still consider me your brother, brother?

R. L. Vaughn said...

Yes, I'll still consider you brother -- even if you vote for Obama! Politics is mainly a diversion for what we're really here for. :-)

I think this Candidate Calculator is "good fun" and a conversation starter, but probably not all that accurate overall. At least in your case you matched the person you actually intend to vote for. I don't agree with many of the political views of Barack Obama, but he does offer something in a contender that neither side tends to offer -- someone outside the same old drudge of presidential candidates we see year after year after year. We need new people with "new" ideas. Of course my candidate, Ron Paul, doesn't have new ideas -- just libertarian ones that haven't gained traction among the major parties.