Monday, October 01, 2007

Mas citaciónes

"No matter one’s social convictions, Scripture is normative for providing and defining the appropriate Christian language for God." -- Emily Hunter McGowin on Think. Laugh. Weep. Worship. 30 July 2007

Heard: "If you always have the problem of an ox getting in the ditch, perhaps you should sell the ox or fill the ditch!"

Seen on a billboard: "Forbidden fruit produces many jams."


"If you apply Christ's prayer for unity solely to the universal church, then what does it really mean? We're in unity if we are all believers? A local congregation in the midst of a horrible schismatic division is then, by this definition, in unity.

"That's nonsensical. Local congregations are not 'superstructures'. Local congregations are the central core of what the churches are. Unity within local congregations is far more important than the equivalent of some trans-denominational re-release of 'We Are the World' with group hugs for everyone." -- Bart Barber, comment thread of his blog post
The Pernicious Evil of Mere Preference, September 7, 2007

"How many of your problems would disappear if you let the past be the past?"
-- copied

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