Friday, August 17, 2007

Terrible as an Army with Banners

I don't think I've blogged on the topic of abortion (which I believe is murder, and wrong). I ran across Donnie Halbgewachs, Jr.'s Terrible as an Army with Banners and thought some of you might find it intriguing.


Anonymous said...

My viewpoint has always been, "Abortion if necessary, but not necessarily abortion." There are times when abortion is a Godsend and saves a mother's life. I will not allow one life to die for this reason.

I do, however, oppose the present administration of abort as a means for birth control. To help young ladies who enter into fornication and then refuse to pay the price. Abortion should never be taken lightly. I still think that "killing" is a wrong term and does not meet any logical definition of the term for murder or killing. There should be as much parading against those who would own a gun in this modern society, or allows the promotion of alcohol, or allows speeding down the streets, or even allows spousal abuses and child abuses. All these thing kill, but I have yet to see some parade of believers enter into these forays.

I remember when abortion first entered the medical field. Prior to that day, young women were butchered in back alleys, not knowing where else to turn because of blight of the churches and society for their indiscretion. Where were the do-gooders in those days? Not a one in sight. I think in many ways the churches have been a mockery.

Where were the churches in the days of segregation. Many were in the forefront of defending the absolute discrimination of a people because their skin differed in colour. Some were even hanged on a local tree, and many a Christian donned that horrible white garment whilst they commited these heinous crimes.

I think we need to see the balance and not jump off the deep end on issues such as abortion.

IN every century, the church has gone to extremes. Even my Lord ws able to see beyond the sins of a lady about to be stoned by the religious zealots. He did not condone her sin, but he did see beyond it in her defence....Now, go, and sin no more, He said.



R. L. Vaughn said...

Jim, I suppose I agree with very little of your post in reference to abortion. I do think we probably agree or would come pretty close to agreeing when we're talking about life saving situations. If we're talking about a woman giving birth, and she may die or the child may die or they both may die -- I believe this is an area that should be left to the discretion of medical professionals. Sometimes a doctor or doctors cannot save two lives and must decide which one can be saved. This could apply to the delivery room or the battle field. This is a medical decision in which doctors should have discretion to make emergency medical decisions.

BUT, I believe that most abortions here in the United States (and I would assume up there in Canada, too) have nothing to do with the above mentioned situation. They are about convenience, birth control and correcting "mistakes".

Further, I can't agree that these abortions are the same as owning a gun, promoting alcohol or speeding down the streets. While any one of these could end with the death of someone, abortion ALWAYS ends in death.

Whatever mistakes churches have made in the past on political, social, and moral issues, I believe apathy to the death of unwanted babies by abortion is certainly a tragic mistake of our day.

Anonymous said...

We prolly have more agreement than disagreement on the final point. I am just pointing out the extremism, rather than a balance in viewpoint and parading activism.

At one point in Canada, an abortion required the involvement of three physicians and was performed in public hospitals. I opposed abortion clinics. These took abortion away from the medical community and became social expediency. This I opposed publicly.

So you see, I am more opposed to abortion than in acceptance. I just want a balanced viewpoint, and hence my statement, "Abortion if necessary, but not necessarily abortion."



clinch64 said...

It is very clear that we have gotten our priorities wrong. Many lament the future of the spotted owl and whale, while not giving human life a second thought.