Sunday, August 26, 2007

Byron Augusta Freeman, missing since 2006

Former Anderson County resident Byron Augusta Freeman has been missing since June 24, 2006. According to the Texas DPS, "Mr. Freeman may have the early stages of Alzheimer’s or Dementia and he frequently blinks his eyes. He was last seen walking away from the gray 2006 Lincoln Town car bearing Texas plates 332KWK; which he rented to attend a class reunion. The vehicle was located in Robertson County out of gas. Mr. Freeman was last seen wearing green coveralls." For a bigger picture, more information and Department of Public Safety contact information, click here.*

Information from Kelly Jolkowski's article Aging Persons with Alzheimer’s and Dementia Increase Missing Person Statistics: Lauris Freeman, Bryon’s nephew said, “Every summer Byron would drive from his home in California to attend a high school reunion held in Palestine , Texas . He had done this for a decade, and he usually stayed a week or two to visit family and friends before returning home. The day he went missing, he was to attend a picnic that was held about 5 miles from where he was staying with a friend. Driving alone, he followed another car (driven by a family friend) to the picnic site but apparently kept on driving past the exit. The rental car he was driving was found on the side of the highway some 100 miles away, out of gas, windows down, and keys in the ignition."

* For some reason I absolutely cannot get blogger to accept the direct link to Mr. Freeman's page. So go to the alphabetical page for "F", then scroll down and click on Mr. Freeman's name.

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