Monday, August 20, 2007

Noah's ark -- a "horror" story

On SBC Witness, Jon Akin posted some comments about Noah's Ark that present a part of the story that is often not heard from the "Christian perspective". An agnostic girl called "Hellbound Alleee" wrote concerning parents decorating their children's rooms in Noah's Ark themes, etc., "Don't these people have a clue? Noah's ark is not a cutesy children's story about having a bunch of sweet cuddly pets in a big boat. Noah's ark is a horror story. There are dead bodies floating in the water. God is wiping out the human race in judgment. Parents might as well put 'Saw II' posters on their kid's walls..."

Has this agnostic understood a perspective that Christian's generally miss?

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Bro. Matt said...

Well that certainly would put a damper on sales at Toys 'R Us.