Friday, August 24, 2007

Blogs, books and links

Gospel Mission is a work and outreach of Old Paths Strict Baptist Church in Choteau, Montana. I've ordered from them from time over a period of several years. But I didn't know they have a web site until recently. Gadsby's Hymn Book, a book of hymns by English Baptist preacher William Gadsby, is available from them. Joseph Hart's hymns offer some great reading on experimental religion.

Sacred Harp blog addresses
Sacred Harp alto, blog of Sharona Nelson, Sacred Harp alto and author
Will.Whim, a weblog by Will Fitzgerald

One of the Baptist blog's I check frequently is
Joining God in His Work, by Leslie Puryear. Brother Les is a Southern Baptist pastor. We have had discussions in which we didn't see eye to eye. But sometimes you just run across someone like Les that you like, no matter what the differences. [P.S. -- we agree on some things, too.]


Writer said...

R. L.,

Thanks for the link. Even when we disagree, hopefully we can do so in a godly way.

Blessings to you and yours,


R. L. Vaughn said...

You're welcome, Les.

I will testify that in our discussions in which we disagreed, I believe you did so in a godly way.

I've been watching and reading, but lacking time to do much commenting on other blogs lately. Take care and God bless. I'll see you around the blogosphere.