Sunday, August 12, 2007

Big weekend

I'm posting some quick notes which I'll try to revise, update, and expand tomorrow when I have more time.

East Texas Sacred Harp Convention.
We believe we had a very successful 152nd session of the East Texas Sacred Harp Convention. Probably between 375 and 400 turned out on Saturday. Tom Owen said he believed it was our best singing ever. On Saturday night a little over 100 people turned out for our Saturday night social. In addition to some fine Tex-Mex cooked up by the ladies, we sang several selections from the Christian Harmony and the unpublished song "Isaac" by Raymond Hamrick. We had possibly 200 people return for the Sunday session. Thanks to all our visitors far and near for helping us with another year of this grand old convention.

Shirley Hunt search.
The Texas EquuSearch volunteers and other volunteers who came to search for Shirley endured some very hot over-100 East Texas weather. Thanks so much to all of you. Possibly a month ago I would not thought of a search that did not find the person for whom one is looking as successful. I now can understand that a search that eliminates an area from the places where Shirley possibly might be is successful.

Thanks to Tyler Paper's Stephanie Jeter, who ably covered both these events (though I think she made my stumbly comments about singing sound much better than what I really said!).

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