Friday, January 12, 2007

Beyond the limits of His love

Here is an old hymn by John Kent that some of you might enjoy. It has some beautiful imagery. Perhaps it will be a little too "deterministic" to suit some, but I hope it will be a blessing to somebody.

There is a period known to God
When all his sheep redeemed by blood;
Shall leave the hateful ways of sin
Turn to the fold, and enter in.

At peace with hell, with God at war
In sin's dark maze they wander far;
Indulge their lusts and still go on
As far from God as sheep can run.

But see how heav'n's indulgent care
Attends their wand'rings here and there;
Still near at hand, where'er they stray
With piercing thorns to hedge their way.

Glory to God--they ne'er shall rove
Beyond the limits of His love;
Fenced with Jehovah's shalls and wills
Firm as the everlasting hills.

Th' appointed time rolls on apace
Not to promise, but call by grace;
To change the heart, renew the will
And turn their feet to Zion's hill.



amity said...

That is a beautiful one. I never heard of Kent before. Know anything about him?

R. L. Vaughn said...

I am familiar with some of Kent's hymns, because Gadsby and Spurgeon & the Metropolitan Tabernacle included several of them in their hymn books (which I have). I am not familiar with Kent the person, but found this short sketch from Julian on the Stem Publishing website.

It also has a link to two more of his hymns. Another of his hymns is found here (

amity said...

Thanks, R.L.! I have added them to my collection and will keep an eye out for more.