Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Talent for sale?

"In the American church, the church will allow you to prostitute yourself, if you choose to. They will hire you based on your talent, overlooking all of your character, and then when you crash, they'll pretend they never saw the signs. And I think that we have to really step up to the challenge to run as fast as our character is deepening, and not as fast as our talent is expanding" (Erwin McManus). -- copied from Dave Gregg's The Good Question blogsite, posted 30 Nov 2006


amity said...

"Talent"? "Character"? what about "gift"? Looking for that might resolve the dilemma.

clinch64 said...

Talent seems to be a word that will draw a crowd these days, even in churches. Doing the right thing will prevail still.