Friday, January 26, 2007

How to find a fresh Reese's

One of my many weaknesses of the flesh is the Reese's Peanut Butter cup. Like Odysseus and the siren's song, I must often lash myself to the "mast" to keep from perishing (exiting the store with one).

BUT I don't like old nasty dried-up Reese's. They've had all the "cute" commercials about how to eat a Reese's, but where do you get the REALLY important information? In all these years I never known or thought about how to pick a fresh one. I've tried thumping watermelons to pick out the best ones (my record is not that good), but didn't know the Reese's test. A young checker in Kroger's taught me a lesson and saved me from buying a dried-out one the other day.

It's the packaging, stupid. Yes, the packaging. Test it to see if the "air" is sucked out of it or if it has air in it. If the package is kind of puffy like being filled with air inside, it's fresh. At least that is what she said. And right now I'm on a roll. 100%! Since that morning, I've gone five-for-five. Nothing but fresh!

P.S. -- this is not meant as medical, professional or personal advice; buy Reese's at your own risk; blogger not responsible for how this information is used.


amity said...

Reese's Peanut Butter cups, huh? Well we have that in common.

But i don't know what use to make of the fresh test. I never met a peanut butter cup I didn't like.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if this works... if you take a package of Reese's here in Modesto, California and drive it up to Tahoe, the varying air pressure should cause the package to expand and appear "puffy." Perhaps puffiness is relative to the altitude one lives in. That is, you must test relative puffiness comparitive to the other packages surrounding the one in question. I am thinking of doing my own experiment. Buy a not-so-puffy Reese's and drive it up to Tahoe. It will give me an excuse to take a day drip and enjoy a Reese's with awesome mountain scenery!

Anonymous said...

Sure beats all the Calvinism vs Arminianism least you get to eat at the end.



Bro. Matt said...

Yes, Jim, and we know that any good Baptist likes to eat!

Love the Reeses!

Anonymous said...

Hah !! Another memory from a mis-spent youth: When my folks would send me to Lutheran summer camp and there were activities that guys did not want to participate in, we would hit the camp store, power down a Reese's, chase it with a lemon lime soda and jump up and down for a bit. You would come up so so sick no self respecting counselor would want you in his/her group.