Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Morning Cometh

Behold, the Morning Cometh ... and the Night; By Grady E. Dearman

The Hebrews in the wilderness of Sinai knew when the camp was to be broken up for moving. The cloud which had hovered over them began to move. Hurriedly, tents were struck, possessions were gathered and preparations were completed for the move. Then — a time of stillness as every family and tribe stood in its order of march, awaiting patiently the sounding of the silver trumpets. That certain sound — and each Israelite in his own order began to march.
We are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses — and we know our time for the “journeying of the camp” is nearer than when we first believed. Paul said, “The night is far spent...” Soon the trumpet will sound and the dead in Christ shall rise, and we which are alive and remain shall be changed.

Do you believe that rampant wickedness worldwide is standing blatantly and blasphemously before God Almighty and demanding judgment? Is there no end to the matter? Yes, there is an end.

He is coming back to receive you to Himself, that where He is, there you might be also. For some reason we feel that the church are now like men who must stand girt about with the truth, as men who wait for their Lord.

[Excerpt. Via Hoyt Sparks]

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clinch64 said...

The night is indeed far spent, and there seems to be a faint glimpse of light in the east.