Saturday, January 03, 2015

Happy New Year....Not

To begin the New Year,* angry author Kurt Eichenwald spews his spurious Scud for Newsweek in The Bible: So Misunderstood It's a Sin. He flings his flatulent feculence in all directions, seemingly careless of whom it hits, whether it sticks or what is true. Not far into the tirade I am taken aback, marveling with Al Mohler, "What is really going on here? Did some fundamentalist preacher run over young Kurt Eichenwald’s pet hamster when the reporter was just a boy?" Yes, the Bible is often misunderstood, even by "people who claim to revere it but don’t read it," but sadly, and perhaps deliberately so, this is also quite true of Eichenwald.

If you can stand it, give "The Bible: So Misunderstood It's a Sin" a read. Also check out some of the reviews and responses to it.

* A Christmas Present from the Mainstream Media: Newsweek Takes a Desperate Swipe at the Integrity of the Bible (Part 1) -- "...the recent Newsweek cover article by Kurt Eichenwald, entitled “The Bible: So Misunderstood It’s a Sin,” published intentionally (no doubt) on December 23rd, goes so far beyond the standard polemics, and is so egregiously mistaken about the Bible at so many places, that the magazine should seriously consider a public apology to Christians everywhere....what is stunning about this particular article is that Kurt Eichenwald begins by scolding evangelical Christians for being unaware of the facts about the Bible, and then proceeds to demonstrate a jaw-dropping ignorance of the facts about the Bible."
* Fighting Ignorance With More Ignorance -- "...there is a lot of ignorance, even among professing Christians about the book we hold sacred. If Mr. Eichenwald wants to correct this ignorance, however, it would be nice of him to get his own facts straight, something he clearly could not be bothered to do."
* Newsweek Attacks Christianity for Christmas: Refutation of Kurt Eichenwald’s Article -- "...a review and refutation of this horrifically biased, erroneous, and just plain anti-Christian cover article in the current issue of Newsweek magazine."
* Newsweek on the Bible — So Misrepresented It’s a Sin -- "Eichenwald appears to be far outside his area of expertise and knowledge. More to the point, he really does not address the subject of the Bible like a reporter at all. His article is a hit-piece that lacks any journalistic balance or credibility.
* Predictable Christmas fare: Newsweek’s Tirade against the Bible -- "Although the author claims that he is not promoting any particular theology, this wears thin. Eichenwald makes so many outrageous claims, based on a rather slender list of named scholars (three, to be exact), that one has to wonder how this ever passed any editorial review.
* The Irony of Kurt Eichenwald’s Ending in His Newsweek Article Attacking the Bible -- "It’s ironic that Kurt’s fault is the very ones he accuses his opponents of doing: Not “discussing the Bible” with a meaningful interaction of the other side but engages in name calling."

* A January issue of the magazine, but actually available before Christmas Day

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R. L. Vaughn said...

Even Rachel Held Evans, very liberal and progressive, calls attention to What Newsweek gets wrong about evangelicals, noting that "...Eichenwald's argument fails before it begins."