Thursday, July 29, 2021

The greatest pulpits, and other quotes

The posting of quotes by human authors does not constitute agreement with either the quotes or their sources. (I try to confirm the sources that I give, but may miss on occasion; please verify if possible.)

“The greatest pulpits are not in churches; they are on beds of pain.” -- J. Vernon McGee

“The preachers in America have not given the ‘gos-pill.’ Therefore, Americans are on every pill you can think of, and none of them are working.” -- Lester Roloff

“The openly profane have never, from the days of Cain unto the present, been so great a scourge to the saints of God, as those who have stood the highest in religious profession.”  -- Gilbert Beebe

“The Old Testament opens like an old weather-beaten chart. People who foreshadow Christ walk across its pages.” -- W. Kenneth Connolly

“Behind every sin is a lie believed.” -- Elaine Kennelly

“I don ’t have a problem. I am the problem.” -- Heard

“Do not do weird stuff. Just do what’s in the Bible.” -- Sam Emadi

“The Spirit has already revealed everything we need for gathering and growing churches.” -- Jonathan Leeman

“The politicization of evil is worse than privately held stupid ideas like racism or economic collectivism.” -- Elyssa Lloyd

“Acts 1:8 (go into all the world) didn’t happen until Acts 8:1 happened.” -- Steve Brown

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