Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Near Misses

This bevy of books includes those never quite so successful as their classic cousins. Still, you might something readable here.
  • A Confederacy of Dances (All the Dances against the Other One)
  • A Kale of Two Cities (How Greens’ Farms can be Profitable)
  • A Midsummer Night’s Scream (a Texas Heat Wave Tragedy)
  • And Then There were Nine (Agatha Christie’s Baseball Tale)
  • Chicken Slop for the Soul (101 Stories to Open the Palate and Rekindle the Stovetop)
  • Grime and Punishment (a Warning Book for Dirty Children)
  • Gulliver’s Gavels (After Lemuel became Judge of Several Remote Nations of the World)
  • Hairy Potter; or, Why is there so much clay stuck to your arms?
  • Hamwet (a Lispy Interpretation of Shakespeare)
  • Less Miserables (Not as Many Miserable Ones as Usual)
  • Little Mouse on the Prairie (Daring Days and Frightening Nights)
  • Mess of the d’Urbervilles (the d’Urbervilles’ Lesser-Known Messy Daughter)
  • Nine, Ten, Eighty-Four (a Quarterback’s Story)
  • O, dip us the King! (a Tragic Drowning)
  • One Hundred Fears of Solitude (a Pilgrim’s Guide to Loneliness)
  • One Thousand and One Arabian Knights (Why Catholics Lost the Crusades)
  • Rise and Fall of the Woman Empire (subtitle that, if you will!)
  • Show Gun (a Gun Show Memoir)
  • Tar Man (a Road Worker’s Memoir)
  • The Bobbsey Twits (the never-ending tale of the silly Bobbsey family)
  • The Bond Collector (How to know you have all the 007 movies)
  • The Call of the Mild (To Be or Not to Be Gentle, that is the Question)
  • The Diary of Anne. Frank! (Nothing Vague Here)
  • The Old Man and the Pea (Unlucky Problems of the Elderly)
  • The Purpose Driven Wife (a Husband’s Guide to Doing Household Repairs on Time)
  • The Quotations From Chairman Mousy Tongue (Meeker than Uncle Mao )
  • The Scrapes of Wrath (How the Depression rubbed people the wrong way)
  • The Sound of the Baskervilles (a Dog-gone Good Musical)
  • To Bill a Mockingbird (Veterinary Surgery for the Small and Famous)
  • Zen and the Parts for Motorcycle Maintenance (An Inquiry into the Value of Keeping your Motorcycle Running)
  • 20,000 Leaks Under the Sink (A Homeowner’s Plumbing Guide)

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