Wednesday, June 02, 2021

“Gipplinger” and the King James Bible

“Gipplinger” is a portmanteau or blended word for representing two “false friends” of the King James Version of the Bible – Gail Anne Riplinger and Samuel C. Gipp.

I do not know as much about Samuel Gipp as Gail Riplinger, and do not know either of them. Gipp appears to be a follower of Peter Ruckman, and lauds his “caustic delivery” and “abrasive preaching style.” He tends to say inflammatory things about King James Bible supporters who do not agree with him. For example, he writes, “A ‘TR Man’ gets his manuscripts from Antioch and his philosophy from Egypt” [i.e., accusing Textus Receptus supporters as having the same philosophy as supporters of modern versions] (The Answer Book, by Samuel Gipp, p. 57). When it comes to the translation of Acts 12:4, he concludes “pascha” here translated Easter must mean a pagan holiday. This view has caused much mischief.
If he was referring to the passover, the translation of “pascha” as “Easter” is incorrect. If he was indeed referring to the pagan holyday (holiday) Easter, then the King James Bible (1611) must truly be the very word and words of God for it is the only Bible in print today which has the correct reading. (The Answer Book, p. 5)
Gail Riplinger has written several books related to the Bible Versions Debate, the best known being New Age Bible Versions: An Exhaustive Documentation of the Message, Men & Manuscripts Moving Mankind to the Antichrist’s One World Religion. Describing New Age Bible Versions, Riplinger said, referring to “the Direct Hand of God” on her work, “...I hesitated to even put my name on the book. Consequently, I used G.A. Riplinger, which signifies to me, GOD AND RIPLINGER--God as author and Riplinger as secretary.” (almost, if not, claiming inspiration for herself! From The End Times and Victorious Living, January-February 1994, as quoted in The Problem With New Age Bible Versions, by David W. Cloud). An Advertisement of the 2020 edition of New Age Bible Versions states:
Each page opens a door exposing new version editors—in agreement with Luciferians, occultists, and New Age philosophy—in mental institutions, séance parlors, prison cells, and court rooms for heresy trials—and most shocking of all—denying that salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ. Seven have lost their ability to speak.
On the one hand, she may say some correct things in support of the King James translation. On the other hand, her wild claims, her three marriages and lies about them, exaggerations of her credentials (among other things) are major distractions from any valuable support she gives to the King James Bible. New Age Bible Versions goes deep into conspiracy theories and New Age theories. Many KJV supporters have learned (some the hard way) to distance themselves from Riplinger.

In my opinion, there is plenty of good material available supporting the King James Bible without having to resort to the works of Samuel Gipp and Gail A. Riplinger.

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