Monday, June 07, 2021

A Primer on Spiritual Gifts, and other links

The posting of links does not constitute an endorsement of the sites linked, and not necessarily even agreement with the specific posts linked.
  • A Primer on Spiritual Gifts -- “The New Testament mentions three sorts of gifts connected with the three persons of the Godhead.”
  • Burying the Gospel under Trash -- “Oh, if some of you were like your fathers you would not have tolerated in this age the wagon loads of trash under which the gospel has been of late buried by ministers of your own choosing.”
  • Edward Fudge, controversial scholar on topic of hell -- “For more than 30 years, Edward Fudge’s outside-the-mainstream teaching on hell sparked discussion and debate in Churches of Christ and among religion scholars.”
  • Intelligence on Sick Staff at Wuhan Lab Fuels Debate on Covid-19 Origin -- “Report says researchers went to hospital in November 2019, shortly before confirmed outbreak; adds to calls for probe of whether virus escaped lab.”
  • No, The KJV Translators Would Not Be Okay With the ESV -- “I’m sure the KJV translators were happy with their work as well, for what it’s worth. The whole world certainly was, and in large part still is.”
  • Public Reading of Scripture -- “The public reading of Scripture is an essential element of Christian worship for the covenant people of God. Indeed, it is arguably the most foundational element of worship because all other elements of worship (such as prayer, praise, preaching, and the sacraments) come in response to the hearing of God’s Word.”
  • Revelation. Chapter 12: The Woman & The Dragon -- “Who is this woman? We note that she is about to give birth, and if you look at verse 5 and compare it with Psalm 2:9, you will be in no doubt that the child is the Lord Jesus Christ; but who is the woman?”
  • Ruckman & the Critical Text: Theological Cousins -- “Ultimately, the CT proponent has a playground tier argument against the Ruckmanite. They called ‘dibs’ on correcting the original with a translation, and don’t like that the Ruckmanites aren’t respecting the authority of ‘dibs.’”
  • The Historical Influence and Use of Forgeries in Promotion of the Doctrine of the Papacy -- “It was at this time that the Decretals were combined with two other major forgeries, The Donation of Constantine and the Liber Pontificalis, along with other falsified writings, and codified into a system of Church law which elevated Gregory and all his successors as absolute monarchs over the Church in the West.”
  • The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth, or, The Jefferson Bible -- “A compilation by Thomas Jeffersion of the ethical teachings of Jesus.”
  • Whitmer administration rescinds rule she ignored at bar -- “Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s administration on Monday rescinded a rule that limits restaurant tables to no more than six people, a day after she apologized for ignoring the COVID-19 regulation while gathering with friends at an East Lansing bar.”

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