Sunday, May 30, 2021

What a Great Day

This song was written by my father, Charlie Vaughn, around 1980. It was published as Number 22 in Sing It Out! the song book of the Jeffress/Phillips Music Company, Crossett, Arkansas for 2007.

What a Great Day. 8s.7s. w/refrain (circa 1980)

1. When we’re carried o’er death’s valley
We’ll live on forever more;
There to be with Christ our Saviour
Over on the other shore.
Jesus Christ our blessed Saviour
Will protect us on that day;
And will lead us on to heaven,
There forevermore to stay.

2. What a day of great rejoicing
When we see our Saviour’s face
We will praise His name forever,
For His great amazing grace.
He will be the light that shineth
Throughout all eternity;
No more sin and no more sorrow,
When our Saviour’s face we see.

Oh, come now friends, and go with me
Our blessed Lord, for-e’er to see;
For He will lead us to that home,
To ever praise Him ‘round the throne.

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