Monday, May 10, 2021

Original autographs of the Bible

Some unique thoughts about the original autographs of the Bible:
Let us look at some undisputed facts about the originals. First: there never was a book of 66 originals of the Bible. Second: there never was a book of the 39 originals of the Old Testament. Third: there never was a book of the 27 originals of the New Testament. Fourth: no one living or dead ever saw the 66, 39 or 27 originals. Fifth: each of the originals was lost, worn out, destroyed or gone within 100 to 150 years of their writing. Sixth: the originals were written over a period of about 1600 years from the first book of Job to the last one Revelation. Seventh: the originals were written a distance of 1500 to 2000 miles apart from each other. Eighth: the originals were written in at least three different languages. Ninth: the originals were written on any number of kinds of materials, with any number of kinds of writing fluid. Tenth: the originals under God’s will and guidance incorporate many kinds of culture and background. Eleventh: no version in existence today was or is translated from any original. Twelfth: no one living today would know or recognize any one of the 66 originals if they saw one. And on and on and on. Therefore, in the light of the above to flee to the supposed sanctuary of the originals is unreal, hypocrisy, a fetish, and worse than the proverbial ostrich hiding its head in the sand and thinking it is covered and out of sight.
Ralph Irvin Yarnell, (A Fresh Look At The King James Bible, Marietta, OH: 1983, pp. 33-34)

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