Thursday, January 28, 2021

Three predestinarian views

“How can an absolutely Sovereign GOD not be the AUTHOR of all things even if we regard them as occurring from a secondary source ordained by HIM to cause these things to occur? Are we afraid that it is possible for men to impugn the character of GOD or that we must get him off the hook by our sophistry? If as the scientists tell us gravity occurs because of the mass and rotation of the earth does this make GOD any less or more the AUTHOR of gravity because it occurs as the result of a principle which HE directed to occur but rather than mystically bringing it to pass HE did so by a law of physics?” -- Mike McInnis

“There is a difference in the way God governs over inanimate or physical creation and the way He governs over mankind. Therefore, every element in the creation of gravity is the result of His directly causal creation of that element. There is no unrighteousness with God and He does not cause unrighteousness in men. Unrighteousness arises from men. Thus there is a difference in the way God governs over physical inanimate creation and mankind. God governs over every thing that takes place in His universe either causing them to take place, or suffering/permitting them to take place or restraining them from taking place.” -- Mark Thomas

“I will say without any fear that every person born of the Spirit, whenever that may occur, will believe on Jesus as their Lord and worship Him with whatever grace God may be pleased to give him or her. It will do no good to propose the case of the idiot or the heathen. Who can tell what great work the Lord may work in them, and that without the assistance of a preacher or speaker. Is God limited to the aid of man? If He has chosen one to eternal life there will be no obstacle to hinder belief.” -- James F. Poole

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