Sunday, January 10, 2021

Shepherd who forsook a throne

This Common Meter hymn is No. 72 (p. 76) in One Hundred and Forty-four Hymns adapted for Sunday Schools and Families, London: G. Morrish, 1860. I have found it set to music, but it could be sung to most any good common meter tune. Ortonville or Evan would certainly be suitable.

1. That Shepherd who forsook a throne,
Whom tenderest pity drew
To seek such straying sheep as I,
Such wandering lambs as you.
2. Who, for vile wretched man became
The victim of the grave,
Was stretched upon the bitter cross
And bowed his head to save.
3. But from the darkness of the grave,
Ascending soon, he rose,
And, high in heaven, now sits enthroned
Triumphant o’er his foes.
4. There, rich in majesty divine,
He pleads his sufferings past;
And all who rest upon his blood,
Shall dwell with him at last.
5. To them a new and contrite heart
Is by the Spirit given:
They join the ransomed flock on earth,
And joy with them in heaven.
6. Then haste to know this Saviour, friend,
And take him for your guide;
And know that he has promised to
Be always by your side.

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