Sunday, January 24, 2021

Peaceful moments spent with Jesus

A hymn on “peaceful moments spent with Jesus” in meter – which could easily be sung as 8s.7s.D. by doubling the last two lines (as is most often done with this style hymn meter). For example, on the first stanza, you would sing “Since we found him, since we found him—Who shall endless life bestow” twice.

1. Peaceful moments spent with Jesus,
Free from tumult, noise, and show;
Gaudy toys - the worldling pleases -
We are dead to all below,
Since we found him— 
Who shall endless life bestow.

2. Wrapped in holy contemplation
Future glories burst to view;
Filled with peace and consolation
Joyfully our way pursue.
May his presence—
Cheer us all our journey through.

3. Friends of Jesus, knit together
Though we may in bodies part;
Nothing can our spirits sever,
Love has made us one in heart.
Firm and lasting—
Are the bonds that love impart.

4. Kindred souls by love united
Heart with heart together blends;
Though by some despised and hated,
We are Jesus’ happy friends.
Waiting for him—
Till from glory he descends.

5. O! to spread this holy fire
Faith and love by works to show;
Thou who reads the heart’s desire,
Can – and will – thy help bestow.
Bless and own us—
While in duty’s path we go.

6. Freely we have all received
Thou hast bid us freely give;
Though by scoffers often grieved,
Some will hear, believe, and live.
Humbly walking—
In the truth they did receive.

7. Onward press with holy fervor
Soon the conflict will be o’er;
Soon our rest we have forever,
Over on that golden shore.
Then our Jesus—
Shall we praise forevermore.

This hymn is possibly the work of Primitive Methodists Daniel and Elizabeth Weston.

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