Monday, December 16, 2019

Quid pro quo

Unless a person has been asleep for the last couple of months, there is no way that they could not have heard the term, “quid pro quo,” as the circus in Washington has hit its fever pitch with all three rings occupied. Elephants and Asses, alike, can be seen acting out their orchestrated parts. The hypocrisy of all of these “politicians” is on full display as each side accuses the other of dastardly deeds in the quest to gain power.  Each side will do whatever they can to maintain or expand their own seats of influence.  This term itself, is a Latin phrase which literally means “this for that.”  There is no political operative in the world who does not daily practice “quid pro quo,” although they would like for us to think that they all just act out of a benevolent and altruistic heart which yearns to “do the right thing.”
Mike McInnis in Grace Gazette, Volume XVII, Issue 49

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