Friday, December 13, 2019

In other words, concentrate on concinnity

  • brobdingnagian, adjective. Huge; gigantic.
  • bulverism, noun. The rejection of an argument on the basis of the character, motives, or identity of the one making it rather than on its logical soundness or the validity of its assumptions.
  • concatenate, verb, transitive. formal, technical. Link (things) together in a chain or series.
  • concentrate, verb. Focus one’s attention or mental effort on a particular object or activity.
  • concinnate, adjective. of speech or writing. Put together with neat propriety: of elegant style. verb. To arrange or blend together skillfully, as parts or elements; to put together in a harmonious, precisely appropriate, or elegant manner.
  • concinnity, noun. rare. The skilful and harmonious arrangement or fitting together of the different parts of something.
  • contemptus mundi, noun. Disregard of or disdain for worldly or temporal concerns.
  • gramadoelas, noun. A remote rural region; the backwoods, the ‘sticks’.
  • gym bunny, noun. A person who spends a lot of time exercising at a gym, esp. to improve his or her appearance rather than for reasons of health or fitness.
  • interpause, verb, intransitive. To pause in the midst of something.
  • majuscule, adjective. Large, as either capital or uncial letters; written in such letters (opposed to minuscule).
  • minuscule, adjective. Very small; (of letters or writing) small; not capital; written in such letters (opposed to majuscule).
  • orthodoxy, noun. Authorized or generally accepted theory, doctrine, or practice; right belief.
  • orthokardy, noun. Right feeling, loving attitude (in the biblical sense).
  • orthopraxy, noun. Rightness of action (as distinct from or in addition to rightness of thought); right-doing, practical righteousness; correct practice. Sometimes contrasted with orthodoxy.
  • ossify, verb. transform into bone; become rigid in habit or belief.
  • snarf, verb (used with object), slang. To eat quickly and voraciously; scarf (often followed by down or up).

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