Sunday, December 22, 2019

God’s Glory in His Works

Another text found in The Psalter With Responsive Readings[i] is “Lord, Our Lord, Thy Glorious Name.” The hymn expresses how excellent the Lord’s name is in all the earth. The text is based in Psalm 8:1-6, 9, in 7s. meter, doubled. This metrical psalm praises the excellent name of the Lord, and his wondrous works. In The Psalter With Responsive Readings it appears with the tune Thanksgiving by Walter Bond Gilbert (1929-1910).

1. Lord, our Lord, thy glorious Name
All thy wondrous works proclaim;
In the heavens with radiant signs
Evermore thy glory shines. (v. 1)
Infant lips Thou dost ordain
Wrath and vengeance to restrain;
Weakest means fulfill Thy will,
Mighty enemies to still. (v. 2)

2. Moon and stars in shining height
Nightly tell their Maker’s might; (v. 3)
When thy wondrous heavens I scan,
Then I know how weak is man. (v. 4)
What is man that he should be
Loved and visited by Thee,
Raised to an exalted height,
Crowned with honor in Thy sight? (vs. 4-5)

3. With dominion crowned he stands
O’er the creatures of Thy hands;
All to him subjection yield
In the sea and air and field. (v. 6)
Lord, our Lord, Thy glorious Name
All Thy wondrous works proclaim;
Thine the Name of matchless worth,
Excellent in all the earth. (v. 9)

[i] John McNaugher, Chairman (1857-1947), Pittsburgh, PA: The United Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1912.

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