Tuesday, July 09, 2019


Last year I posted briefly about the biblical character Hazelelponi. What follows is something I found while researching the name.
The name Hazelelponi starts with the letter ה (he), and that seems to indicate the grammatical form which indicates an active causative form of what follows.The first of these comes from the root group צלל The verb צלל (salal III) means to be or grow dark. This verb occurs twice: Nehemiah 3:19 and Ezekiel 31:3.  The common, masculine, noun צל (sel) meaning shade or shadow. This noun occurs frequently in the Bible (Judges 9:15, Jeremiah 6:4, Jonah 4:5). This noun is frequently employed to describe the transitoriness of life (Job 8:9, 17:7, Psalm 144:3, 102:12). The second part of the name comes from the verb פנה (pana), meaning to turn.
Hazelelponi at Abarim Publications

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