Saturday, June 08, 2019

Words, fined and defined

More words and definitions:
  • aginer, noun. A person who is against something; one who opposes a proposal, course of action, point of view, etc. Also more generally: a person having a habitually negative attitude; one who opposes any change as a matter of principle. Cf. againster.
  • catchlight, noun. A gleam of reflected light in the eye of a subject in a photograph, painting, etc.
  • defined, adjective. Determined, fixed, or clearly marked out as to extent, outline, or form.
  • fined, verb (used with object). Past tense of fine; to subject to a fine or pecuniary penalty.
  • kludgy, adjective. Made or designed in an awkward, makeshift, or haphazard manner; inelegant; not user-friendly.
  • lunar day, noun Astronomy. A division of time that is equal to the elapsed time between two consecutive returns of the same terrestrial meridian to the moon.
  • palilogy, noun. The (esp. immediate) repetition of a word or phrase, usually for emphasis; (occasionally) an instance of this.
  • rigwelted, adjective. Of a sheep: lying on its back and unable to stand up without assistance. Also in extended use (of a person): confined to bed or reduced to inactivity as a result of illness, fatigue, etc.
  • scrilla, noun. Money.
  • sidereal day, noun Astronomy. The interval between two successive passages of the vernal equinox over the meridian, being about four minutes shorter than a mean solar day.
  • sitzmark, noun. An impression made in the snow by a skier falling backwards on his or her backside; an act of falling in this way.
  • skinkle, verb intransitive. To glitter, glisten; to sparkle, twinkle.
  • solar day, noun Astronomy. The time interval between two successive transits by the sun of the meridian directly opposite that of the observer; the 24-hour interval from one midnight to the following midnight.
  • stick-to-itness or stick-to-itiveness, noun. The ability or capacity to see a course of action through to its completion; dogged perseverance.
  • titubation, noun. An act of stammering, stuttering, or stumbling over words; hesitancy or uncertainty of speech. Obsolete.

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