Monday, June 17, 2019

A motive to fund abortions

Last week I stumbled across an article about The CEO of a “Sugar Daddy Site” offering to pay for abortions – “Because This Is America.”[i]

Brandon Wade is both the founder and CEO of SeekingArrangement, “a site with over 10 million members that connects ‘sugar Babies’ to ‘sugar Daddies or Mommas’ to find ‘mutually beneficial relationships’.” Wade said, “If lawmakers will not step in to help these desperate women, then I will.” A reaction against new abortion restrictions in some states, the idea is that SeekingArrangement will help those seeking abortions by paying for travel to states where abortions are accessible, and then pay for the abortion as well.

The article asserts, “Wade isn’t the first notable sugar daddy to put himself on the frontlines of abortion advocacy — Hugh Hefner championed abortion rights, along with his publication Playboy.” Hugh, indeed.

I am incredulous (not really) that the author never questions why a bunch of “Sugar Daddies” would find it beneficial to fund abortions! Sad indeed.

[i] Collins Dictionary says, “A woman’s sugar daddy is a rich older man who gives her money and presents in return for her company, affection, and usually a sexual relationship.”

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