Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Sacred Harp Markers, Kentucky Town

This marker is located at SH 11 and Kentucky Town Rd., about 3 miles west of Whitewright. It was erected by the Texas Historical Commission and Grayson County Historical Survey Commission in 1965. Marker Number 7389.

Marker Text:

When first settled in 1830’s was known as Annaliza. Renamed by Kentucky emigrants in 1858. Unique layout gave town protection against Indian attacks. On freight and stage routes. “Sacred Harp,” a robust frontier gospel style of singing and composition, began here. During Civil War was Quantrill gang rendezvous. (1965)

The brief mention of “Sacred Harp” as “a robust frontier gospel style of singing and composition” that “began here” perhaps leaves the reader in wonder and confusion. Those who know The Sacred Harp began in 1844 in Georgia will know one thing it does not mean. Perhaps what was intended is that “Sacred Harp” in Grayson County (or the general area) began at Kentucky Town (i.e., the first singing, singing school, or singing convention).

R. A. Caylor (1845-1920) mentioned Sacred Harp in the area when writing to The Musical Million.

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