Monday, February 25, 2019

A. J. and A. D. Whitten

Last Thursday I wrote about A. N. Whitten and the Harp of Ages. As I have continued my research on him, I found the following obituary for his father and brother in The Gospel Messenger.
A. J. and A. D. WHITTEN.
Eld. A. J. Whitten was born April 14, 1820, married first wife, Miss Anna Head, January 10, 1841, and were born to them five children. She died September, 1848. He was married again, to Miss Mary Ann Davis, October 17, 1850; to them were born twelve children. Eld. Whitten died April 8, 1892. He was baptized by Eld. W. M. Hubbard, 1852.
Also, his son, A. D. Whitten. died June 27, 1892, who was born January 5, 1855; was baptized 1883. These two worthy brethren were shining lights in the Primitive Baptist church Indeed, I could not mention a father and son who lived more spotless lives and adorned the profession more than they. They were separated but a short while. May their lives and examples be cherished and emulated by all who knew them, that their works may follow them. JAS. M. WARREN.
The Gospel Messenger, (Volume 16, No. 8, August 1894, p. 331 (Editors, J. R. Respess, W. M. Mitchell, J. E. W. Henderson, Sylvester Hassell)

The author of the obituaries, James Monroe Warren, married Amanda Marvia Whitten, daughter of A. J. and sister of A. D.

I also found that A. J. Whitten and son A. N. wrote an obituary for Jacob Joshua Cleveland of Fellowship Church in Tallapoosa County, Alabama, which is found in The Gospel Messenger (Vol. 13, No. 5, May 1891, p. 208, Butler, Georgia; J. R. Respess, W. M. Mitchell, J. E. W. Henderson, editors).

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