Sunday, January 28, 2018

Faith and Repentance, by Hart

Hymn No. 237 from Gadsby’s Selection

8s.7s.    By Joseph Hart
Faith and Repentance. Rom. 4. 18; 7. 18-25

1. Let us ask the important question,
  (Brethren, be not too secure),
  What it is to be a Christian,
  How we may our hearts assure?
  Vain is all our best devotion,
  If on false foundations built;
  True religion’s more than notion;
  Something must be known and felt.

2. ‘Tis to trust our Well-belovèd
  In his blood has washed us clean;
 ‘Tis to hope our guilt’s removèd,
  Though we feel it rise within;
  To believe that all is finished,
  Though so much remains to endure;
  Find the dangers undiminished,
  Yet to hold deliverance sure.

3. ‘Tis to credit contradictions;
  Talk with him one never sees;
  Cry and groan beneath afflictions,
  Yet to dread the thoughts of ease.
  ‘Tis to feel the fight against us,
  Yet the victory hope to gain;
  To believe that Christ has cleansed us,
  Though the leprosy remain.

4. ‘Tis to hear the Holy Spirit
  Prompting us to secret prayer;
  To rejoice in Jesus’ merit,
  To receive a full remission
  Of our sins for evermore,
  Yet to sigh with sore contrition,
  Begging mercy every hour.

5. To be steadfast in believing,
  Yet to tremble, fear and quake;
  Every moment be receiving
  Strength, and yet be always weak;
  To be fighting, fleeing, turning;
  Ever sinking, yet to swim;
  To converse with Jesus, mourning
  For ourselves or else for him.

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