Monday, January 15, 2018

Selective outrage?

It is interesting how folks pick and choose their moral outrage. If it is Bill Clinton having sex in the White House with an intern, Republicans are outraged and Democrats give him a pass. If it is Donald Trump groping Cassandra Searles at the Miss USA pageant, Democrats are outraged and Republican give him a pass. If it is Martin Luther King, Jr., almost everyone gives him a pass.

In Why You Shouldn’t Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr this MLK Day J. D. Hall writes, “If you can’t celebrate Judge Roy Moore, you can’t celebrate Martin Luther King.” This piece asks points out that the long-known indiscretions of Martin Luther King, Jr. are now exposed with the release of the “JFK Files”  last year and “King’s gross sexual sins entered into official government documentation.” The file on King that was completely withheld from the public by the Assassination Records Review Board in 1994. “According to the Act, all records previously withheld either in part or in full should be released on October 26, 2017, unless authorized for further withholding by the President of the United States.” The President did not authorize further withholding, so now these documents, including the file of Martin Luther King, became public last year.

The file may be viewed HERE. “Claims that this document is an attempt by J. Edgar Hoover to slander King are entirely foolish, considering that this was an internal report that was sealed from the public.”

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