Friday, January 12, 2018

Branding faith?

“Two North Texas faith leaders are locked in a legal battle over the naming rights of their churches.” To my way of thinking this is a sinful and silly case that demonstrates how far from the mark of the simplicity of “New Testament Church” we have fallen. One pastor won a trademark for a body she founded about two years ago in West Dallas.  Another pastor has “invested tens of thousands of dollars…in establishing a (compelling) brand in our city” (which is north of Dallas). Now the two are locked in a legal battle over the name – Lift Church![i]

Who knew we needed trademarked church names – and lawsuits over them – in order to preach the gospel to the world!

[i] LIFT Community Church (affiliation unknown, possibly UMC) and Lift Frisco (affiliated with Converge, formerly the Baptist General Conference)

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