Friday, August 25, 2017

The Providence of God

The mighty God, Omniscient One! 
His ways we cannot trace.
He reckons every good begun 
And crowns it with His grace.

Lo! I can see Him in His word—
I will not doubt or fear;
My steps are ordered of the Lord, 
His guiding hand is near.

No trial can my spirit break, 
For God will not forsake;
He will with each temptation make 
A way for my escape.

The future beckons and I bow –
My God removes the care!
Behold, He goes before me now, 
And will my way prepare.

He’s here, and there, and everywhere 
In all the ways I’ve trod.
I’ve never passed beyond the sphere 
Of the providence of God.

Walter Estal Brightwell, Sr. (1893-1957),  1937

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