Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The principle design of the ordinance of baptism

“The principle design of the ordinance of baptism is to represent the death, burial and resurrection of Christ; the communion of his people have with him in these important facts; and their interest in the blessings thence resulting. Immersion into the water is to represent the death of Christ; while his continuance under water, however short, denotes the burial of Christ, and the lowest degree of humiliation. When, being laid in a sepulchre that was sealed and guarded by the soldiers, he was considered entirely cut off. Immersion out of the water, exhibits an image of his resurrection, or the victory which being dead, he obtained over death; all the things the Apostle intimates. Rom. vi. 3-4. Baptism also represents those benefits, both present & future, which believers obtain in Christ. Among the present benefits the principal is, communion with the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, and which is consequent upon it; the mortification and burial of our old, and resurrection of our new man, in virtue of the blood and spirit of Christ; for immersion into the water represents the death of the old man or body of sin in such a manner, as shows that he can neither stand in judgment to our condemnation, nor exercise dominion in our bodies, that we should obey his lusts.” Excerpt from Circular Letter, Chestatee Baptist Association, 1840, William Kimzy, moderator; William Martin, clerk

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